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National Characteristics

Siamanto's (Atom Yarjanian) family in Ahkn
The foundation of the Armenian social life is the family. Often 20 or more members, representing three or four generations, lived under the same roof. Few peoples in the world can match the quality of the Armenian people. 

At the head of the patriarchal family stands the grandfather. After his death the grandmother becomes the pillar of the home. An old Armenian saying characterizes the man as the outer wall of the home, the wife as the inner. The Armenian woman is distinguished by her extraordinary fidelity. Divorce is practically unknown in Armenian custom. 

The Armenian peasant is strong and sturdy. He is deeply devoted to his country and his people, to his language and faith. Tenacity and perseverance are characteristic of him. It is his great industriousness that transforms the rather poor earth of his homeland into fertile soil. The city-dwelling Armenian stands out for his great initiative, while the peasant is slower and more conservative. The one and the other have a great inborn desire for learning and culture. They will do anything and stop at no sacrifice to give their children a good education. The Armenian is further distinguished by his native intelligence, aptitude and depth of perception. He shows great ability in learning foreign languages. Braveness is in the nature of Armenian people.

The Armenian married women in general and the peasant-married woman in particular are widely known as mother to numerous children. Childlessness is the greatest calamity that could befall an Armenian woman; "She who has no child has no soul," says a proverb. 

Spirituality is a marked characteristic of Armenians. As an ancient Indo-European people, the Armenian's conception of the Universe is manifested through traits which are characteristic of the Aryan - the eternal struggle of Light against Darkness and the final victory of Light; the fight between Good and Evil and the final defeat of Evil are fundamental articles of faith for all Armenians. 

"With the deepest devotion Armenians have held fast to their homeland, their speech, their customs, to Christianity and their National Church". 

Reference "Atlas of Historical Armenia" by H. K. Babessian

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