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365 days of Armenia by SacVoyage
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Armenia - Iran
11 days
April - November
1050 EUR (für eine Gruppe von 20 Personen)
The Secrets Of Karabagh
5 days
Hero City Shushi
3 days
12 days
Year-round / 2015
688 eur
Historical view  Armenia & Iran
10 days
Starting from April 1
1265 $
12 days
Starting from April 1
1345 eur
Fascinating Caucasus
15 days
Starting from April 1
1385 EUR
 The Secrets Of Karabakh 
Duration: 5 days 
Type: classic; excursion
Accommodation: 3*
Meal plan: FB
Price: 300euro/pppt/(calculated for 8 pax)
Kilometrage: 1040km

Day 1./08.05.13 Yerevan-Noravank-Areni-Tatev-Shoushi (360km)

Arrival to Yerevan,
Meeting at "Zvartnots" International airport.
Drive to Noravank Monastery Complex (13-14th centuries) situated among amazing sheer rocks on the bank of a twisty gorge. On the way to the Monastery you will have a breakfast in the Cave Restaurant with a spirit of mystery and antiquity. Then the tour trough the Noravank Monastery, which in 13th-14th  centuries became the residence of Syunik's bishops and, consequently, a major religious and  cultural center of Armenia. On your way to Tatev Monastery Complex you will visit Areni Church (14th century) in the same-name village. The village of Areni is famous also for its excellent wine, which you are welcome to taste. Tour to the legendary  Tatev Monastery, one of the impressive and significant architectural wonders in Armenia. You will reach the Monastery on a cable car, which is listed in the Guinness world records as the longest (5.7km) cableway. Built in 895, the Monastery Complex consists of three churches of impressive size. In 14th century Grigor Tatevatci (a medieval scholar) based here the University of Tatev. Lunch at Tatev Monastery area. On the way to Shoushi, descending to gorge of Vorotan river, where you will see one more creation of the nature -the Satan's Bridge. This natural bridge astonishes people by its perfection, moreover, the bridge is entirely covered by stalactite formations in its lower side. . Drive to Shoushi the former capital of Nagorno Kharabagh (historical name is Artsakh). Dinner in the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel (Shoushi).

Day 2./09.05.13 Shushi-Stepanakert (40km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Walking tour through the Shushi city. Highly in mountains as an eyrie,  the city-fortress of Shoushi or Shousha is stretching along with its history of two hundred years, which became the symbol of the Armeian people's tireless belief in future. Crystal-clear mountain air, soft climate, woody vicinities, springs of medical mineral water make Shoushi one of the favorite vacation spots in the Republic of Montainous Karabakh. One of the significant sights of the city is the Fortress of Shoushi. The walls of the citadel, which have almost completely kept up to now from the beginning of XVIII century, were erected by the meliks (princes) of Varanda. Subsequently, the fortress was invaded by nomadic Turkic tribes. After Karabakh entered in the territory of the Russian Empire the Russian military engineers reconstructed it before heroic defense of Shoushi in the Russian-Persian war of 1826. Continue the tour with visiting Ghazanchetsots Monastery called also called St. Jesus Christ Church( built in 1888), is one of the largest Armenian churches in the world, with height about 50 meters and made of limestone. The Church occupies a large territory in the central part of Shushi.  Sightseeing tour to the Hunot Gorge-one of the most beautiful places in Karabakh. The rocky gorge in the extent more than three kilometers and depth almost 1000 meters, is covered by dense forests and represents a unique natural and historic-architectural complex. Lunch in the national restaurant with tasting of traditional Karabakhi dishes. Visiting the History Museum of Shoushi dedicated to the military operation on liberation of Shoushi on 8th May, 1992. Dinner in the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel(Shoushi).

Day 3./10.05.13 Stepanakert-Gandzasar
-Nikol Duman House-Museum-Stepanakert (140km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Stepanakert, capital city of Nagorno Karabakh. On the way there is stop at the monument called "We and Our Mountains " - the symbol of Stepanakert and of historical Artsakh(Republic of Nagorno Karabakh) which is built on a high hill at the entrance in  the capital, tenderly called "grandfather-grandmother" by the local people. The population of Stepanakert is 55,000 people and quite near to European standards. Visiting one of the memorable places of the city - the Memorial of Lost Soldiers, which  is  named "communal grave" by the local people. Lunch at the restaurant. Tour to  Gandzasar Monastery Complex amd on the way  you will stop at the House-Museum to the revolutionary hero Nikol Douman. Continue the tour to Gandzasar Monastery, one of the the "miracles" of the Armenian architecture, and as the local people call it;  "a church, similar to the Heaven's cupola church", " perfect creation". However, the human tongue is not powerful enough to describe this unique corner of the nature accompanied by the illustaration of the Armenian medieval architecture. The construction of the Monastery was initiated in 1216 and was finished in 1238. Return to Stepanakert. Dinner in the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel(Stepanakert).

Day 4./12.05.13 Stepanakert-Azokh Cave-Gtchavank-Amaras-Tigranakert-Stepanakert (150km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Azokh Cave situated in the same-name village. The cave, situated near the village of Azokh, is one of the most ancient and famous sites of the simple man in the world. This habitation of  ancient man has many entries and exits, six big spaces like labyrinth, the biggest of which occupies an area of 3000 sq.km. Tour to Gtchavank Monasery Complex, which is one of the medieval political and spiritual centers of Artsakh since the early middle ages. Drive to Amaras Monastery Complex, which is one of the oldest Christian sightes in the world and in Nagorno Karabakh. At the beginning of the 5th century Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian Alphabet, established  the first school in Amaras which used his script. After this you will have a unique lunch while tasting the folk cuisine of Artsakh. Continue the tour to one of the remarkable architectural monuments of Karabakh, situated 18 km away from the Martakert Province, at the bottom of the mountain of Vankasar, which was discovered by the archaeologists in 2006. Artsakh Tigranakert is one of the three cities of the same name built by the Armenian king Tigranes the Great in the 1c BC. The ruins of fortress wall, surrounding the city, have already been excavated by the archaeologists, a rocky cave church turned into the Christian church later and traces of irrigation system are discovered as well. Return to Stepanakert. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel (Stepanakert).

Day 5./11.05.13 Stepanakert-Dadivank-Yerevan(350km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from hotel. Drive to Dadivank Monastery Complex (9th-13th centuries). Dadivank Monastery is situated on the left bank of Tartar river, 100 km south from Stepanakert. This wonderful sample of the Armenian architecture amazingly harmoniously falls in with the surrounding nature. The church with its numerous constructions is situated at the foot of the mountain covered with forests. It was founded by St. Dadi, the disciple of Thaddeus the Apostle, who spread Christianity in Eastern Armenia in the 1st century AD. In June 2007 the grave of St. Dadi was discovered under the holy altar of the main Church in the Complex. Inspired by the culture of the ancient and hospitable land you will continue the way to rest and have a lunch. Return to Yerevan.

Tour package includes:

  • All transfers by program
  • Accommodation in 3* hotel in DBL room
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
  • High-qualified guide-interpreter
  • All entrance tickets
  • Professional friendly driver
  • Comfortable mini bus with climate-control system
  • 24-hours tourist support
Tour package does not include:
  • Air ticket
  • Visa to Armenia
  • Medical insurance(1.2$ per day)
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