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365 days of Armenia by SacVoyage
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Carpet tour in Armenia


Duration: 9 days

Type: folkloric, excursion, special product for carpet experts

Accomodation: 4* (5*)

Meal plan: HB

Price: 900 eur per person (calculated for 15 + FOC pax)

Kilometrage: 1000 km


Day 1. Arrival

Meeting at the "Zvartnots" International airport, transfer to the hotel, check-In Support. After check-in at the hotel meet your tour guide and start city tour round Yerevan. The contemporary capital of Armenia is 13th and is one of the oldest cities in the world founded in 782 BC. During the tour you will visit Erebouni Museum of the History of the Foundation of Yerevan which stands at the foot of the Arin Berd hill, on the top of which the Urartian Fortress Erebouni has been constructed. The next visit is  Yerevan History Museum which throws light on the history of the city beginning from ancient times up to our days. Transfer to traditional restaurant with folk-music. Welcome dinner. Return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).


Day 2. Yerevan – Echmiadzin – Zvartnosts – Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning visit to Matenadaran-one of the unique Institutes of Ancient Manuscripts in the world. Tour to one of the 13th capitals of RA Vagharshapat where you will visit Europe's oldest Church, Mother Cathedral Echmiadzin (the official residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians) and the churches of 3 Holy Virgins: the centre-domed cruciform church of Saint Hripsimeh (618), the domical basilica of Saint Gayaneh (630) where the only nunnery exists in Armenia,  and the  'domed gallery' type church of Shoghakat (1694). After visiting Zvartnots Temple (7th century AD) which is a mixture of Armenian and Buzandian architectural solutions. Return to Yerevan. Visiting Megerian carpet-factory. Excursion in gallery and factory. Opportunity to acquire antique carpets or traditional ones. Overnight at the hotel(Yerevan).


Day 3. Yerevan – Garni – Gegard – Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. History Museum of Armenia, where you will get acquaintanted with the large collection of materials connected with the history of Armenia and ancient eastern countries in the Armenian Highland. Drive to Garni Temple (1stA.D.) dedicated to the god of sun Mithra which  is the only "witness" of Hellenistic Epoch in the territory of CIS and the only standing pagan temple in RA after Armenia addopted Christiabity. Continue the tour to Geghard Monastery Complex (12-13thcentury AD).The name 'Geghard' is the Armenian word for 'spear' with which Roman soldiers wounded Jesus Christ while he was being crucified and the spear was preserved here for many years. Hundreds of Khachkars and caves are built in the rocks surrounding  the Monastery. Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Return to Yerevan with stop at the Charents's Arch. It is from here that the Greatest Armenian poet of 20th century admired the view of the double-peaked Ararat. Drive to Yerevan. Excursion to famous “Ararat” Branady factory. Excursion in the factory and then degustation of brandy. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).


Day 4. Yerevan – Sevan – Hayravank – Noratus – Dilijan

Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to the "Armenian Pearl" - Lake Sevan which is the 2nd high-altitude and largest lake in the world with its sweet and astonishingly blue water. Visiting Sevanavank in Sevan peninsula and so popular Hayravank Monastery(9-12thcenturies). Drive to famous Cross-Stone "Forest" (cemetery 5-17th centuries) in the Village of Noratus. It is the second largest   "Cross Stone" cemetery  in the world after Jugha (Djulfa) Cross-Stone Cemetery.

Continue tour to the city of  Dilijan, one of the well-known resorts in Armenia. Overnight at the hotel (Dilijan).


Day 5. Dilijan – Ijevan – Eghegnadzor 

Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to Ijevan city to carpet factory. Master-class of making Armenian carpets. Trip to monastery complex of Haghartsin. Visiting Goshavank monastery.

Back to Yerevan. Check-in in the hotel. Overnight in hotel (Yerevan).


Day 6. Yerevan – Khor Virap –Areni – Noravank – Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. First trip to Khor Virap(4-18th cc..) Monastery Complex, one of the religious centers in Armenia where Gregory the Illuminator (the fisrt Catholicos in Armenia) was kept in a dungeon for 13 years. On the way to Khor Virap you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sacred Ararat Mountain - an immortal symbol of Armenia. Then excursion to Noravank Monastery Complex (13-14th centuries) situated among amazing sheer rocks on the bench of a twisty gorge. After that you'll enjoy your dinner in a grotto with a spirit of mystery and antiquity. On your way back you will visit Areni Church (14th century). The village of Areni is famous also for its excellent wine, which you are welcome to taste. Drive to Yerevan. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).


Day 7. Yerevan – Oshakan – Ashtarak – Saghmosavank – Hovhannavank – Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Tour to Oshakan village which is  significant with the Church of Saint Mesrop Mashtots(1875-1879), creator of the Armenian Alphabit, as well as the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots, on which the church was built. Drive to Ashtarak and take a tour with the historic monuments of Ashtarak: Tsiranavor Basilica Church(5th ccentury), Karmravor(7th century), Spitakavor(7th century), St. Sargis(1281) Churches. After you will admire Ashtarak's Old Bridge(17th century) in the gorge of Qasagh river  and, at last, you will visit the House-Museum to Perch Proshyan in the city of Ashtarak . Continue tour to Saghmosavank (1215-1235) and Hovhanavank(13th century) Churches. Return to Yerevan. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).


Day 8. Transfer to airport, departure

Farewell party in a traditional restaurant.


Day 9. Free day, visiting carpet boutiques

Breakfast in the hotel,

Check-out from the hotel,

Transfer to airport,

Check-in support in the airport,  

Weppy parting,



Tour package includes:

·         Transfers aiport-hotel-airport

·         Accommodation in DBL room

·         (Golden Palace 5*, Ararat Hotel 4*, Ani Plaza Hotel 4*, Best Western Congress Hotel 4*)

·         Meal type: HB

·         Excursion by program

·         Highly qualified guide-interpreter’s service

·         Entrance fees by program

·         Professional friendly driver

·         Comfortable bus with AC

·         Degustation in Brandy factory and wine factory

·         Local guide’s service (museums, factories)

·         24-hour toursit support

·         Souvenirs from SacVoyage Travel as presents


SNL SUPPL 400 eur


Tour package does not include:

Air ticket

Medical insurance(1.2$ per day)


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