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The apricot (Prunus armeniaca) is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus. It is a small tree, 8-12 m tall, with a trunk up to 40 cm diameter and a dense, spreading canopy. The fruits a drupe similar to a small peach, 1.5-2.5 cm diameter, from yellow to orange, often tinged red on the side most exposed to the sun; its surface is usually pubescent. The single seed is enclosed in a hard stony shell, often called a "stone", with a grainy, smooth texture except for three ridges running down one side.
The apricot was known in Armenia during ancient times, and has been cultivated there for so long. Its scientific name Prunus armeniaca (Armenian plum) derives from that assumption.
An archaeological excavation at Garni and at Shengavit in Armenia found apricot seeds in an Eneolithic-era site (6000 years old). Its introduction to Greece is attributed to Alexander the Great, and the Roman General Lucullus (106-57 B.C.) also exported some trees - the cherry, white heart cherry, and apricot - from Armenia to Europe. Today the cultivars have spread to all parts of the globe with climates that support it.
During this tour you will taste this sun fruit just in his homeland and you will take part in apricot collection in Ararat Valley plantations, you will participate in process of making dried apricots In Armenian village. You will be also in some historic places and will participate in Yerevan International  film festival ''Golden Apricot'' opening ceremony and also you can go to see some films within the festival.

Duration: 7 days
Type: event, exclusive, classic, excursion
Accommodation: 4*
Meal plan: BB
Price:  530 euro, pppt/ (calculated for 8 pax)
Kilometrage: 585km

Day 1. Arrival-Yerevan City Tour-Golden Apricot International Film Festival opening ceremony (25km)

Arrival to Yerevan,
Meeting at "Zvartnots" International airport,

Transfer to the hotel,

Check-In Support, 

Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan)

After breakfast at the hotel meet your tour guide and start city tour round  Yerevan. The contemporary capital of Armenia is 13th and is one of the oldest cities of the world founded in 782 BC. During tour visit Erebouni Museum of the History of the Foundation of Yerevan which stands at the foot of the Arin Berd hill, on top of which the Urartian Fortress Erebouni has been constructed. The next visit is Yerevan History Museum which throw light on the history of the city beginning from ancient times up to our days. Visiting Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex dedicated to the memory of the 1.5 million Armenians who perished in the first genocide of the 20th century, at the hands of the Turkish government. Partisipation in the traditional Apricot Blessing at St. Zoravor Church, which marks the start of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival. Then partisipation in Golden Apricot International Film Festival opening  ceremony in Charles Aznavour square. The festivale is a Yerevan-based annual film festival. The objectives of the festival are "to present new works by the film directors and producers in Armenia and foreign cinematographers of Armenian descent and to promote creativity and originality in the area of cinema and video art". Return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).

Day 2. Yerevan- Garni- Geghard- Yerevan-Fascinating apricot collection (80km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting  History Museum of Armenia, where you will get acquaintance with the large collection of materials connected with history of Armenia and ancient eastern countries in the Armenian Highland. Drive to Garni Temple(1stAD) which is the only "witness" of Hellenistic Epoch in the territory of CIS. Temple dedicated to Mithra - the God of Sun. Continue tour to Geghard Monastery(12-13thcc..). Geghard initially known simply as Irivank (Cave Monastery). The name refers to the biblical lance used by Roman soldier  to pierce the Christ's body. Hundreds of Khachkars and caves are built in the rocks surrounding  the Monastery. Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the way to Yerevan in one of apricot plantation you will participate in fascinating apricot collection accompanied with the national ensemble's songs and folk-dances. Return to Yerevan with a stop at the Charents's Arch. It is from here that the Greatest Armenian poet of XX c. admired the view of the double-peaked Ararat. Drive to Hotel. Evening Film watching Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan). 

Day 3. Yerevan-Echmiadzin-Zvartnots-Yerevan-Apricot pipe (40km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning visit  Matenadaran-one of unique Institutes of Ancient Manuscripts in the world. Excursion to centuries-old monuments Echmiadzin and Zvartnots listed on UNESCO World Heritage list. Visiting the churches of 3 Virgins: centre-domed cruciform church of Saint Hripsimeh (618), domical basilica of Saint Gayaneh (630) and 'domed gallery' type church of Shoghakat (1694). The Cathedral of Echmiadzin (303) is an official residence of Armenian Catholicos. At the Museum of the Mother Cathedral you will see many reliquaries:  the Holy Lance (Geghart) which pierced the side of Christ, the relics of Noah's Ark, "Khotekerats Sourp Nishan" reliquary with the relic of Jesus Christ's wooden cross (914-929); the cross of King Ashot Yerkat with it chest, one of the oldest processional crosses in existence, etc.Visiting Zvartnots (7-10th cc..)- a Temple of Vigil Forces. Return to Yerevan Visit Karen Hakobyan's house, where you will see how the master make Armenian wind instruments Duduk and Shvi. The duduk is a traditional woodwind instrument of Armenian origins. The duduk is a double reed instrument which has ancient origins, said to be from 1500 to 3000 years old. Armenian duduks are mainly made from aged apricot wood. In Armenian the instrument is called "tsiranapogh" or "apricot pipe". The duduk is not simply an instrument that brings just joy or sadness. It rather encompasses the soul and feelings, and is a united symphony of human moods. The Duduk and its Music inscribed in 2008 on the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Return to hotel. Overnight at the hotel(Yerevan).

Day 4. Yerevan-Khor Virap-Noravank-Areni-Yerevan-Evening Film watching (120km)

Breakfast at the hotel. First trip to Khor Virap(4-18th cc..) the importance of which is connected with Gregory the Illuminator, who introduced Christianity in Armenia. On the way to Khor Virap you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sacred Ararat Mountain - an immortal symbol of Armenia. Then excursion to Noravank(13-14thcc..)situated among amazing sheer rocks on the bench of a twisty gorge. Back to Yerevan. Evening Film watching within the "Golden apricot" International Festival. Overnight at the hotel(Yerevan).

Day 5. Yerevan-Oshakan-Ashtarak-Saghmosavank-Hovhanavan-Yerevan-Preparing of apricot juice (89km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Oshakan village which is perhaps best known for the Church of Saint Mesrop Mashtots(1875-1879) which also happens to be the burial place of Saint Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Here (under tactful guidance of Armenian housewives) you can prepare a fresh apricot juice collected by yourselves. The preparing of apricot juice is like a real some-phased ritual, accompanied by songs and games. Towards the end this juice will be poured to 2-litre jar to be more comfortable for you to pick it with yourselves. Drive to Ashtarakand take a tour with the historic monuments of Ashtarak: Tsiranavor basilica church(5th c.),Karmravor(7th c.), Spitakavor(7th c.), St. Sargis(1281) churches Ashtarak Old bridje(13-18th cc..) and at last visit Perj Proshyan's house-museum in Ashtarak. Continue tour to Saghmosavank(1215-1235) and Hovhanavank(13th c.) churches. Return to Yerevan.Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).

Day 6. Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan- Evening Film Watching (180km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Trip  to the "pearl" of Armenia
 lake Sevan which is the 2nd  high-altitude lake in the world with its sweet and astonishingly blue water. Visiting Sevanavank in Sevan peninsula which in 9th century became the royal citadel of the Syuniats kings. Continue tour to resort town Dilidjan. Yu. Kirillova has said: '' If there are woods, mountains and mineral waters in paradise, it will be like Dilijan''. Walking tour round Old Dilijan with visiting  Dilijan Branch of National Museum of Folk Art after V. Sharambeyan. Trip to Haghartsin Monastery one of main monastery complexes  of the 10-13th century. Return to Yerevan. Evening film watching within the "Golden apricot" International Festival. Overnight at the hotel (Yerevan).

Day 7. Free Day (50km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting an open-air souvenir market Vernissage, where you can buy something memorable for you. Free time. It is possible to reserve an extra-excursion or whole day film watching program within the "Golden apricot" International Festival.

Check-out support,
Transfer to the airport 3 hours earlier before the flight,
Support in airport check-in,
Weepy partingCry,
Yerevan departure. 

Tour package includes:
  • All transfers by program
  • Accommodation in 4* hotel in DBL room
  • Breakfasts, Banquette(day 4)
  • High-qualified guide-interpreter in the preferred language
  • All entrance tickets
  • Professional friendly driver
  • Comfortable bus with climate-control system
  • 24-hours tourist support
  • Souvenirs as presents from SacVoyage
Tour package does not include:
  • Air ticket
  • Visa to Armenia
  • Medical insurance(1.2$ per day)
  • HB Supplement is 70 EUR
  • FB Supplement is 140 EUR
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