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Welcome to Jermuk - the source of health and youth !

This splendid piece of Armenia was loved by many our outstanding classical writers, such as S. Khanzadyan, W. Saroyan, P. Sevak, S. Kaputikyan, M. Shahinyan and others.
Marshal I.Kh. Bagramyan while having his rest in "Ararat" wrote: Djermuk is an admiring place, you can't even imagine anything like that. It's impossible to describe its disposition. You can explain something orally, but in written form you should be at least Raffi to draw the nature so skillfully... Climat here is wonderful, and the scene of Zangezour mountains induces something energetic, powerful... "
And here is M. Saryan's opinion:" Djermuk is my beloved corner of Armenia. It lies on the plateau, surrounded by the mountains with rich forests and woods. Wild beauty and freshness of this place with its green shadow gives refreshment after Ararat valley drawn in the burning sun".
Jermuk health resort is situated in the South-East of Armenia, in the upper flow of Arpa river, on the altitude of 2080 of the sea level, 175 km from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.  Plateau on which town of Djermuk is situated is surrounded by Syunik mountain chain, alpine meadows and forests. The altitude of mountain peaks reaches up to 3000 m. River Arpa flows across the town and a deep canyon divides it into two parts.
For centuries Djermuk was  and is mineral water- and air-spa, it was mentioned even in the manuscripts dated as back as the I century BC. The first group of researchers was headed there in 1925 to investigate the curative properties of water and its influence on the human organism. Their conclusion was unique: it is possible to found town health spa on the basis of mineral water. The air in Djermuk is absolutely pure, dustless and is filled with flower odor. The climate is typically mountainous, with cool summer and long, snowy but sunny winter.
The quantity of yearly atmospheric precipitations makes nearly 6000 mm. There are about 250-300 sunny days during the year, atmospheric pressure makes 600 mm of Hg.
The number of rainy days  per year makes 9 up to 20 days, and thunderstorm days are from 2-7.  Wind direction - northern-eastern; in summer months it changes its direction to the South-East. Average yearly wind velocity index is 2m/sec. There are very few foggy days - 4- 6 per year.
The main curative factor of the health spa is mineral; water of high quality which is used both for external and internal application. Djermuk mineral waters are referred to the complex class. The water has high temperature, contains carbon dioxide, hydrocarbonate, salt ions of sulphate, chlorine, sodium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, bromine, magnesium.
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