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Lori Marz

 3750 km2
Population: 392300
Administrative Center: Vanadzor
Distance from Yerevan to Vanadzor: 125 km
Mountains: Pambak range, Virahaiots range, Bazum range, Gugarats range, Tezh 3101m, Maimekh 3081m, Lejan 2526m, Bovakar 3016m, Lalvar 2543m, Shatin 2243m, Achkasar 3916m, Gailasar 3125m, Ampasar 2526m, Lori 3097m, Arjut pass, Gaili Dur pass, Spitak pass, Pushkin pass, Margahovit tunnel 
Rivers: Debed, Pambak, Tashir, Dzoraget, Sevaberd, Chichkhan, Bldan
National Parks: Mrtavarden, Margahovit, Giulagarak
Vanadzor: Gallery, museum of history of Lori-Pambak, dramatic theatre
Koghb: Mshkavank monastery.
Alaverdi: Gallery. Sanahin monastery, 10-13th cc.. Zakarian dynasty's tomb, 12-13th cc.. Sanahin bridge on river Debed, 1192.
Odzun: Domed basilica, 6th c.. Oromair church, 7-13th cc.
Dsegh: House-Museum of H.Tumanian, museum of Ethnography. Surb Lusavorich church, 13th c.
Ardvi: St. Hovhannes monastery, 8-18th cc.. St. Harutiun church, 10th c.. Vishapadzor canyon.
Haghpat: Museum of history. Haghpat monastery, 10-13th cc.. 
Surb Astvatsatsin church, 1195. St. Sion church, 1268. 
Haghpat is a monastery 17 km from Alaverdi and 280 km from Yerevan. The construction of this monastery is associated with the glory of the Bagratuni Royal family. The oldest structure of the monastery was built in 977 - 991 and was called the Holy Cross church. Holy water fills the small pool in the church. Believers say this water has curative qualities for people with poor health. Many cross-stones are built on the ground of the churches. A three-storied bell tower built in 1245 is part of the monastery. Haghpat displays a complex architectural style. The monastery includes also a book depository dating back to the 13th c., A number of well preserved remarkable khachkars (cross-stones) dating back to the 11-13th cc.. Moreover, the dwellings in Haghpat are regarded as splendid specimens of 19th c. Armenian folk style. For a long time, Haghpat was one of the spiritual centers of Medieval Armenia. The scientist monks collected various speciments of written documents in Armenia. Famous Armenian poet and musician Sayat Nova spent 20 years here far from the civilization.

Shnogh: Kaitson fortress, 11th c.
Castle and monastery, 13th c.. Surb Yerrordutiun church, 13th c.

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