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Ararat Marz

Area: 1995 km2
Population: 311400
Administrative Center: Artashat
Distance from Yerevan to Artashat: 29 km
Valley: Ararat Valley 
Mountains: Yeranos range, Vishapasar 3157m, Geghasar 3443m, Kotuts 2061m, Urts 2445m
Lakes: Sev, Azat, Armush, Karalich 
Rivers: Arax, Azat, Hrazdan, Yotnakunk, Vedi, Artashat channel
National Parks: Khosrov National Park founded in 1958. In Park are Geghard and Amenaprkich monasteries, 13th c.. Bridge on river Azat, 13th c.
Fauna: Armenian moufflon, Besuarian goat, Usurian deer, brown bear, wild boar, fox, rabbit, leopard, lynx, marten, wolf, black kite, lammergeyer, white-head griffon, eagle, wild dove, gull.
Artashat: The ancient Armenian capital Artashat or Artaxiata was built in around 180 B.C. by King Artashes I, founder of the Artashesid dynasty. It's name Artaxiata means "Joy of Artashes". According to ancient Greek historians Artashat was built upon advice of Carthaginian general Hannibal. Though well-known in literary sources, Artashat remained long-undiscovered.
Dvin: Capital of Feudal Armenia, 4- 9th cc.. Archeological museum. Old settlement. 
Geghi: Kakavaberd fortress, 10th c.. Surb Astvatsatsin church, 11th c.
Khor Virap: Monastery, 4-18th cc. 
Khor Virap monastery is a place of pilgrimage for Armenians from all over the world. According to history annals, Armenian pagan king Trdat imprisoned saint Gregory the Illuminator in a pit which became known as Khor Virap. Later he became the first Katholikos of all Armenians. From here one can enjoy the majestic view of Mount Ararat, not too far from the Arax river. Khor Virap is the closest point to mount Ararat from the territory of Armenia, the most convenient place for observing and taking pictures of the biblical mountain.
Surb Karapet: 
St. Karapet monastery, 13-14th cc.. Surb Astvatsatsin church, 1254.

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