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Aragatsotn marz

 2753 km2
Population: 138600
Administrative Center: Ashtarak
Distance from Yerevan to Ashtarak: 22 km
Mountains: Aragats 4090m, Agravakar 3025m, Teghenis 2851m, Mets Arteni 2047m, Arailer 2576m, Kakavasar 3003m, Pamb pass 2152m
Lakes: Kari, Aparan, Lessing, Mantash
Rivers: Kasakh, Arkashen, Gegharot, Amberd, Bazmaberd, Arzni Shamiram channel
Ashtarak: House-Museum of P. Proshian. Tsiranavor basilica church, 5th c.. Karmravor church, 7th c.. St. Marine church, 1281. St. Sargis church, 13-18th cc.. Bridge on river Kasakh, 1664.
Saghmosavan: Saghmosavank monastery, 12-13th cc.. Kasakh river's canyon.
Ohanavan: Ohanavank monastery, 5-13th cc.
Mughni: St. Gevorg church, 10-17th cc.
Parpi: Ruins of temple, 7-10th cc.
Biurakan: Astrophysical Observatory. Architectural monument 7-10th cc.
Biurakan is a resort famous for the Astrophysical Observatory. The observatory was founded in 1946. It is on the crest of Aragats Mountain. The observatory Biurakan is one of the greatest World centers of Astronomy. The main tools used during explorations are telescopes. Biurakan is also a place of historical monuments. There are “vishap” stone sculptures of mythical fish-guards of water, spread over slopes of Aragats mount.
Dzorap: Tomb of Arshakuni dynasty, 364.
Kosh: St. Stepanos church, 7th c.. Fortress, 13th c.
Aruch: Fortress, 15th c.. Katoghike basilica, 7th c.. Caravanserai, 13th c.
Oshakan: Mesrop Mashtots church, tomb of Mesrop Mashtots. Church, 7th c.. Fortress & temple on Didikond hill, 1st millen. b.c.. Bridge, 1706.
Amberd: Pahlavuni lords' fortress, 10-13th cc.. Church, 1026. Beautiful gorges of rivers Amberd and Arkashen.
Tegher: Monastery, 13-14th cc.
Yerinjatap: Astvatsnkal monastery, 5-13th cc.
Bujakan: Teheniats monastery, 7-13th cc.
Talin: Two old basins. Katoghike church, 7th c.
Mastara: St. Hovhannes church, 7th c.

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